Welcome to Jay-Austria.com!!!

Welcome to my website. I kiss you

My name is Jay Austria. I am a computer programmer. I enjoy implementing CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGIES that make calculators look like the cotton gin.

List of technologies for the computron that I have particularly strong skills with

Windows 95


html for the world wide web

Microsoft Works Suite 6.0

If you are interested in my services for the computron, please send me electronic mail at noyoucannot@gmail.com

I will help you make so much money.

Things my past employers have to say regarding my abilities

"He was a [very good] programmer" - William Gates

"Good morning" - Steven Jobs

"Whatcha doin' with that ceramic duck?" - Gary Coleman

Also, I like video games. I cannot wait for Ultra 64

The graphics are so realistic! Cannot tell which is real life.

or if you want the real stuff, you can view my blog by clicking the first dancing baby

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